Without protection, the sun can be an evil intruder. It can unmercifully fade and shorten the lifespan of some of your most valuable furnishings, hardwood floors, carpets, drapes and leather sofas. All are vulnerable to this powerful aggressor.

Our high-tech window films can effectively protect your home’s furnishings as well as provide increased comfort/privacy for you and your family. By blocking out 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, window film attacks the primary culprit of interior fading. It can also cut down on annoying glare without visually affecting your view. As many commercial building owners already know, window film reduces the amount of solar heat penetration, resulting in a more comfortable living environment. If your air conditioning doesn’t run as much, then you are saving money on every sunny day!

Reducing temperature imbalances caused by extreme sunlight is why so many designers, architects and building engineers desire window film. Reducing heat loss will increase HVAC efficiency and lower energy costs.

Window film also enhances your business’s appearance to your customer, allowing them to remain focused on what’s important. Accidents, environmental effects and vandalism can instantly turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards. Window film can act as a “safety net” by holding shattered glass together.

We carry several different brands of film to choose from (see below) to suit your business needs. We have worked with many thriving small and large businesses in the mid-Michigan area. Our services come with a lifetime limited warranty that covers against cracking, peeling, bubbling, delamination and de-metalization.

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