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Serving Mid-Michigan Since 1971

Electronic Outlet has been providing automotive services in the Lansing area for over 38 years. Since 1980, our family-owned and -operated business has been known for meeting customers’ needs and taking pride in quality work. Our philosophy remains that no job is too big or too small for our experienced staff.

Pavlik Enterprises, a local company, began in June 1971 selling vinyl records and 8-track tapes while servicing small electronics at The Discount Tape Shack in downtown Lansing. Over the years, the company evolved and expanded into the Electronic Outlet, providing automotive accessories, car alarms, car starters, and car stereos.

Today Electronic Outlet remains the last surviving independently owned and operated car stereo shop in Lansing. In the late 1980s, Electronic Outlet also began installing automotive window tinting, now known as Tint Masters.

Electronic Outlet, a component of Pavlik Enterprises, is providing mid-Michigan with outstanding and affordable services.

You may have already experienced Pavlik Enterprise’s dedication and commitment! Thank you, Lansing, for 50 years!

Celebrating 50 Years
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